Helping you discover success and happiness at home, work and everyday life

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Professional therapist Claire Gaskin will help you achieve success and happiness at home, at work, and in everyday life – including therapy for health anxiety around the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Claire specialises in fast therapy techniques, and creating bespoke programmes to help people build confidence and self-esteem. Profound change can often be achieved in one-four weeks.

Take a look at this video about hypnotherapy online – psychotherapy techniques such as BWRT are also just as effective online >>>

Find out how Claire can help during your free telephone consultation, or get straight to work when you book online, today.





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Online Therapy | BWRT | Hypnotherapy| Essex | London |

Happiness in an inside job

Professional therapist Claire Gaskin will help you discover greater success and happiness at work, at home and in everyday life.

✅ Talking therapy
✅ Online
✅ Content-free
✅ More confidence
✅ Problems in the past
✅ Greater success and happiness

Claire says:

“We can decide together what you want to achieve. Whatever it is, I’m confident I can help. Let’s talk about it during your consultation

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Help for Most Mind-Related Matters


The experience of ‘sharing’ and ‘talking‘ to Claire have changed my life.

Her knowledge, understanding, warmth and guidance have helped me to focus on a very positive future. The way she understood my situation and me, was amazing.

I therefore have total respect and confidence in the professional service she provided.

A sincere thank-you Claire.

AS; June 2020


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