This article in ‘Yours‘ magazine features one of Claire’s clients – Colleen Ball – who overcame panic attacks and a phobia of heights after just one session with BWRT.

Nearly two years later, Colleen said: “I’m very grateful to Claire Gaskin and her amazing therapy!! Been skiing again this year and many cliff walks so enjoying life very much.July 2018

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This eBook of 39 real-life reader problems is from Claire’s time as the Agony Aunt for the Echo newspaper in Essex:


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An article in ‘Woman and Home‘ magazine about BWRT and phobias:

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This is a great spread in ‘Top Sante‘ magazine: Try BWRT and stop worrying so much! Simply click the photo to go to the webpage:

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Here’s an early article from July 2016, when Kristina – a musician and manager at the national charity Mind – got rid of her panic attacks on stage after we did a single session of BWRT.

Kristina is still performing to this day! Click on the photo to read the article:


And here’s a post on Facebook from Lucy Clark about overcoming PTSD:

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