This 6-week programme helps you change your body shape by using the power of your brain.

Based on recent developments in neuroscience, the revolutionary psychotherapy of BWRT breaks through psychological barriers to weight loss and unlocks your full potential.

Get ready to rewire your brain’s old behaviour patterns and change your whole mindset.

During the programme you will:

✅ Learn how to replace bad habits, such as binge-eating
✅ Discover how to rewire your brain to change your mindset
✅ Increase confidence, self-esteem and positive self-image
✅ Remove any psychological barriers to weight loss
✅ Use your brain power to lose weight and create a new future


weight programme 1


“Hi Claire,

Things are going well.

I have lost a stone and a half since we started.

I treated myself to a lovely reflexology session last week as a reward and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

T; March 2020


What you get:

👉 Specialist therapy to rewire your brain’s old behaviour patterns
👉 Ongoing support between appointments to ensure success
👉 Help with motivation to create and maintain change
👉 Take-away skills and techniques to use in everyday life
👉 A new mindset to create the body shape you want
👉 6 online appointments with BWRT specialist, Claire Gaskin
👉 Follow-up support to secure future happiness


happy woman

This programme is for YOU if you:


➡️ Need help to lose weight and change body shape
➡️ Don’t want to try yet another deprivation diet
➡️ Do want to stop emotional eating, such as bingeing
➡️ Need support with motivation to keep going
➡️ Would like to increase personal confidence and self-esteem
➡️ Want to break through psychological barriers
➡️ Are ready to use the power of your mind to lose weight

All programmes are bespoke and tailored to meet YOUR needs


Learn how to change your mindset and create future success and happiness when you book your free telephone consultation with Claire, TODAY: